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Supported countries and currencies
Payment methods

We only accept Internet Bank Transfer (also known as Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT) from your own Australian bank account. This payment method is easy, convenient and secure. All you need to do is sign into your Internet Banking and initiate the bank transfer to us.

We don’t accept cash and cheques paid into our bank account. For joint accounts, we may request bank statement showing the names of joint account holders.

Payout methods
Flat fees

User Account

Open an account
Required documents
Account activation time frame
Accounts are activated within 1-2 business hours. To avoid any delays, we recommend you to upload the documents once the account is created. If you need to activate the account urgently, please send an email to support@foreignexchangecentral.com and we will speed things up.


Creating a new transaction
Editing an existing transaction

Transactions can be edited on the platform.

While Foreign Exchange Central will try to act on your request to amend your transfer instructions, we cannot always do so as the payment instruction may have already been processed by the time we receive and act on the modification instruction.

Checking transaction status
Processing time frames
Additional documents for processing a transaction


How we protect you
How to protect yourself
  1. Keep your password confidential and don't share your password with anyone. Change your password regularly with a new strong password.
  2. Update your operating system, security software and web browser with the latest security updates.
  3. Anti-virus software is designed to better protect your device. Install and ensure your virus protection software is always up-to-date.
  4. Avoid using unsecured Wi-Fi networks such as public Wi-Fi in a coffee shop when accessing your account.

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