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Foreign Exchange Central offers a simple and easy to use online platform to transfer money. You can view our exchange rates and retrieve online quotes. On a simple click of the button, you can register the transaction and transfer the funds to us. To ensure peace of mind, we will keep you up to date on the transaction.

Foreign Exchange Central can help you send money overseas and ensure the early delivery of funds. Take advantage of our competitive exchange rates with no hidden fees today!

Upgrade the way you send money overseas

It takes just 15 minutes or less to create an account.

Open an account

  1. Sign up at zero cost.
  2. User friendly registration process.
  3. Access anytime, anywhere; even on public holidays.
  4. Provide 100 point customer identification documents.

Create new transaction

  1. Currency rates are updated 24 hours a day
  2. Access currency quotes in our portal and lock in your exchange rate

Send Australian dollars to us

  1. Electronic funds transfer using internet banking
  2. Pay securely using your credit card.

Conversion and payout

  1. Australian dollars will be converted at your locked-in exchange rate.
  2. All funds are transferred via bank transfer or cash pickup.

Why choose us?

Best exchange rates
Low commission
Locked-in exchange rates
Full amount credited to beneficiary(only applies to FEC Quick)
Safe and Secure
Quick Transfer
Anytime Anywhere 24/7
Accepts major credit and debit cards
Australian owned and operated
Fully compliant with regulatory standards
Send money to India
Direct Deposit - AUD 5.00
Send money to Sri Lanka
Direct Deposit - AUD 5.00
Cash Pickup - AUD 8.50